Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have a job!

I have a job! So exciting. I will be a post-doctoral fellow in Brian Crane's laboratory starting next spring. You can learn more about his research here. I can't wait to join my new lab! Graduation can't come soon enough...

But this week of work is very busy! I am working from Ithaca to try to finish two papers that need to be submitted before I can write my thesis. While I have drafts of both papers started, I am finding the finishing and polishing of the manuscripts is not coming easily, so I thought maybe if I dedicated a solid block of time to doing it, I could set goals and be more productive than just sporadically trying to write for an hour or so here or there. So far, so good.

We are going to see a play called The Servant of Two Masters with Ken and Carol on Thursday night - their son Scott works in the theater department at Cornell as a stage manager, and is very involved with the play's production. I really enjoyed the last show we saw through Cornell's theater department, so this one should be great too. We are also going to a corn maze / mini-golf outing with David's lab on Friday night. I have to confess I have a not-so-slight aversion to corn mazes after I got lost in one during high school (how humiliating), but I suppose since I am an adult now, I need to face my fear and grab a heavy-duty flashlight!

But for now...back to work!

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David said...

Yar to that play, just Yar!