Friday, September 11, 2009

Here Comes Science! (and They Might Be Giants, to Ithaca)

My blogging for is finally bringing in the celebrity interviews (and we all know how much I love celebrities)! After months of interviewing people that are counting their neighborhood squirrels or monitoring the pH of their local water supply (not that I'm not interested in those things of course), I finally get to interview REAL rock stars - THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS! I feel about ten times more valid as a reporter than I was yesterday...and I am absolutely sure that I am cooler too.

So how did this happen? They Might Be Giants have a new children's album out called "Here Comes Science!", and I thought writing about it would make for a great blog post for all of my SciCheer readers. The songs are really catchy, completely dorky, and I love them. (Check out this video to become obsessed yourself.) As I was prepared to write a short article explaining that the album exists and that it is awesome, my boss (the head cheerleader) interjected that I perhaps I should write to their publicist and see if I could score an interview with the group to put in my post. Not expecting much, I e-mailed their publicist (my new BFF, Debbie) and explained that despite my lack of press credentials, I would love the chance to talk to They Might Be Giants before publishing my blog...

...and not only did she schedule a teleconference with the band for Monday afternoon at 3:00 pm, but she put David and me on the list for their concert in Ithaca on October 1. No tickets necessary, we are on a LIST. ME, the biggest dork ever, on a LIST for a ROCK BAND. I wonder if I will have a backstage pass or even some press credentials at the concert? Not that it even matters...we are on A LIST (for a show not being performed by the fabulous Elliot Roth)!!! I guess sometimes, even if it seems like a long shot, all you need to do to get something accomplished is have the courage to ask for what you want.

I will post more on this subject after my interview on Monday.

P.S. I mentioned jokingly to Darlene that since I was entering into celebrity territory, I should interview Alton Brown about Good Eats. She said she'd e-mail his publicist. If she comes through, I do not know how I would even contain my excitement. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

P.P.S. I think James Spader and Patrick Dempsey need to make a movie about being scientists so I can interview them too. Oh, and John Mayer and Maroon 5 can do that movie's soundtrack, and their people can call my people...

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