Monday, November 9, 2009

Boston! Maroon 5! Moving day!

It continues to be a busy fall in the Hokanson household. Two weeks ago we went to Boston for BU's alumni weekend, and had a wonderful visit with Brian and Jane. Our trip, in pictures:

Jane, carving her monster pumpkin

All of our pumpkin carving creations!
(Jane's, David's, and mine)

Before we went to the BU vs. Michigan hockey game, we stopped at Sunset Cantina to watch the Michigan football game and have some drinks/snacks. (I have no idea what kind of a face my husband is making, but it makes me laugh every time I look at this photo.)

All of us before the game. I think Brian is smiling in this picture because BU had not yet begun to destroy his Michigan hockey team. It did not turn out to be a good day for Michigan sports, and I'm sure if I had taken a picture after the game, he might have had a more defeated expression his face. But yay for BU! The best play of the hockey game was when BU scored their winning goal in an empty net not because Michigan had pulled their goalie, but because he decided to go for a little skate around the back of the net instead of standing in front of it. For me, as nice as it was to see BU win, it was also just nice to be back in that atmosphere that used to occupy so many of my college nights.

On Sunday morning, while everyone else brewed beer, I went to breakfast with Anna and Jen. We went to pajama breakfast at Tremont 647. (You will see a photo of my ridiculously awesome apple pajamas later.) We ordered a homemade pop-tart as an appetizer, which was a very good idea.

After breakfast, I came back to Brian and Jane's house and raked a leaf pile big enough for me to jump into (though I could have had a bigger pile had I been willing to make more of a raking effort). I love jumping in leaves, and I have been wanting to do this at Brian and Jane's house ever since my first visit there. (NOTE: Aren't my pajamas just plain cool?? I decided to leave them on all day.)

Enjoying the leaves!

Last night David and I went to the Maroon 5 concert at Cornell. It was a really great show, though it was extremely short. Is it a new trend for artists to only play for 90 minutes or so? I know it wasn't David's musical cup of tea, but I think he managed to have a good time too (even if his good time consisted of watching me make a fool of myself dancing and singing to the music).

This weekend I move the last bit of my stuff up to Ithaca!! No more Philadelphia apartment! Though it is strange to finally say goodbye to our first home together, it is wonderful to finally be starting our life together up in Ithaca. I will post pictures of the Ithaca apartment once I am all unpacked.