Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love the holidays!

November / December have been pretty busy for us. Elliot came to Ithaca for a weekend in early November, which was absolutely wonderful. After that, we visited Florence, SC to see the Hokansons for Thanksgiving. While we were in the South, we took a day trip to Savannah that I really enjoyed. Savannah is really beautiful! I should have taken pictures while we were on the bus tour, but I was far too mesmerized to remember to find my camera. (I still haven't eaten at either of Paula Deen's restaurants though, so there is at least one reason to visit there again!) In December, David went to the American Society for Cell Biology meeting in Philadelphia (sounds so...exciting...doesn't it...) while I visited Durham and Chicago in one weekend - I visited Amanda to celebrate her PhD defense at Duke (she passed) and I visited Kristen just because she is awesome.

And now, after one weekend back in Ithaca, the traveling continues! Today is my last day at work before my holiday break officially starts! Yay! David and I are spending the 22nd - 27th in Butler and then traveling to Utica, NY to hang out with his family until Jan. 1.

In between our many trips and visitors, we did decorate the apartment for Christmas. We went to Moore's Tree Farm to pick out what I think is our best Christmas tree yet!

If you look closely, you will notice Ipita under the tree. I often find him waiting there for me when I get home. I almost want to put a bow on his head!

Last year, my parents got us this ornament because 2009 was our wedding year. I was very excited to find a wedding photo and hang this on our tree!

My parents also got me a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Kit" from the sale rack at Bon Ton. I think it really looks like the one from the cartoon, and I am kind of obsessed with it.

Even though we are not exchanging presents this year (because we are going on a trip to Vegas in January instead), we still hung up our stockings. We have no fireplace, so we hang them from the windowsill instead.

Happy holidays!!