Friday, March 9, 2012


I am halfway through my pregnancy now, which is incredibly surprising. I think David would argue that the weeks are not going by fast enough, but I feel like time is just flying by! A few observations related to my experiences as a pregnant lady so far:

1. I am not sure how people survive being pregnant without naps. I am not taking naps, but I think if I could take naps every day, I would be a more functional person (particularly during the evening hours). Every day around 2:00 pm (right now), my energy begins to fade over time until it finally becomes time to go home for the day, and then I collapse onto the couch. I see other pregnant people walking around that look awake, and I want to stop and ask them what their secret is for staying so awake, but I don't...because...

2. Well-meaning people interpret my growing baby bump as an invitation to both share a lot of personal information with me as well as ask me very personal questions. (And just to be clear, I am not talking about people I know in any way, I am exclusively referring to strangers.) I do not always have the patience to carry on conversations with these people, particularly at times when I am very tired, but mostly I just find it very strange. People who hardly know me ask about my birth or breast-feeding plans like they would comment on the weather outside. And while I know that they mean no offense or imposition, I just can't for the life of me figure out why pregnancy seems to be the universal signal to ignore all personal boundaries. (Yes, woman on the elevator this morning and other woman in the Target checkout line a few weeks back, I am talking to both of you.) And so to all of my friends that have been pregnant before me, if I have ever asked you any questions that crossed this barrier, I sincerely apologize; if it is any consolation, I am sure I meant well too, even if I didn't know any better.

3. Speaking of my baby bump, it is now growing at what I would consider to be an exponential rate (and I am really hoping this translates into more weight gain when I visit the doctor's office next week). It took a while for me to show (even with twins), but now that I am showing, my reflection in the mirror is crazy weird. Because I cannot feel the twin's movements constantly yet, I sometimes go hours without thinking about the fact that I am pregnant...and then I look in the mirror and get a strange sort of wake-up call.

4. I always thought cravings were a myth, but THEY ARE REAL. And they are ever changing - in the beginning, I only wanted to eat buffalo chicken bites, but now all I can think about eating is Velveeta macaroni and cheese!

5. Not that I didn't appreciate how nice it was to be married to David, but I definitely appreciate this fact more than ever. While I am a puddle of pregnant lady on the couch, he keeps our apartment/clothes clean and brings me food. While I cannot pretend that being pregnant is easy for me, I think his job during all of this is more difficult.

Overall, pregnancy has not been nearly as terrible as I imagined, though I still cannot claim to be one of those people that loves being pregnant. But as selfish as that makes me feel sometimes, I already know that even if I don't always like carrying the Eggberts with me on the inside, I will never want to let go of them when they are finally in my outside universe! I can't wait to meet them!