Monday, July 20, 2009

A wedding story in photos!

On June 28, 2009...

My sister (the maid of honor) and me, before we got our hair done.

Taming my beastly hair with the straightening iron!

We got married at Sheldrake Point Vineyard & Simply Red Bistro.

Elliot did a fantastic job ushering everyone.  Here he is taking my in-laws to their seats.

David and Jane (the best matron) walking to the front of the aisle.

My beautiful flower girl, Olivia.  She is my new niece!

Jenn in her rockin' maid of honor dress.  She was walking down the aisle in style!

My dad and I walking towards the aisle.  He is crying here, but I am laughing because I almost tripped (over my big dress) and fell. (Oh, and that is Kristen's arm - I think.)

Brian serenaded us all with a beautiful song called Bist du bei Mir, which he sung in German (the non-English part was very important to David).  He did such a nice job!  

Caira and Karla (L-R) read David's reading selection, called The Lovely Other Dinosaur.

Victoria read my reading selection, which was a poem called "Love."

Yay!  We are married!  Introducing Dr. and Mrs. Hokanson!

My in-laws, Tom and Helen, with Olivia (their grand-daughter).

Happy parents of the bride!

The place settings at dinner.

Cutting the cake started out amicably enough...

...until David nailed me in the face with cake!  

He also got my skirt dirty too :(

But I got over it :)  Thanks to Jane and Ken for these pictures.  More photos to come once we hear back from our professional photographer.


jane said...

Lovely recap, except I am slightly insulted that the Best Matron did not get included in it. :-)

Sarah said...

Oh no! You were right!! I have edited my post since to include you! (It's because I used mostly your pictures, which were taken by you.)

Molly said...

You're so pretty! Congratulations!