Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding photos part III

Our professional photographer did not do as nice of a job as we could have hoped for. However, there were some bright spots in her often out-of-focus pictures, and so...(I apologize for the grainy downloads...these files post much fuzzier than those submitted by our clearly more talented friends and family...)

I love this shot of David and me. This was taken just before the rain came, among the vines and vineyard grapes. What an amazing couple we make!

This shot shows David trying to help me as I trip over my dress for what was probably the fourth or fifth time.

My family - (L-R) Pap-pap, Grandmom Lola, Jenn, ME!, Mom, and Dad

My new family - David, Tom, Olivia, and Helen

With our pseudo-family: Brian, Jane, the kissing Hokansons, Scott, Carol, and Ken

Getting silly with the bestest friends ever: Victoria, ME!, Elliot, and Kristen

With my mom and her sisters, Lisa (left) and LuAnn (right)

David and "the girls" (Karla, Angie, and Caira)

With the wonderful people at Sheldrake that made it all possible, Chef Sam and Jessica, our event coordinator

We will be going through all of the photos to make a "Best Of" DVD to mail to our family and friends. Let me know if you'd like one!

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