Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding photos part II

As more and more photos come in, I will continue to post my favorites:
I stop to hug Mom before the ceremony begins (check out the awesome train on my dress!)
During David's vows, right before I started to cry

David insisted that Jane should escort Jenn at the end of the ceremony.

Jenn and me

David and his "girls", Angie, Jane, Karla, and Caira (L-R)

This was one of the best moments of dinner!  Here is Jane, scolding David for interrupting her as she gave her best matron speech.

Ken and Carol (David's "pseudo-parents", for lack of a better term) at dinner

Me with Elliot and Victoria

The classic "taking a photo of yourself" picture (with me and Victoria) taken by Kristen

Bryan and Dave sharing some guy love with Brian, with Jen (and the bouquet she caught!)

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