Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Ben!

I continue to receive picture updates of my godson, Ben (the lovely son of Amanda and Paul) and I thought I would share some of the latest. He really is the cutest baby ever (until everyone I know that is pregnant right now has their babies in the fall/winter, and then Ben will have stiff competition for that title).

Amanda and Paul had a professional photo shoot with Ben while I was visiting last time, and they had me pose with Ben for a few shots. While Ben was the point of the photo shoot and is appropriately adorable in every picture, I have to selfishly put out there that this may be the best photo of me ever taken. This picture looks much less weird when taken out of context and put into a blog about me, but I have to admit it jumped out as being a little random when it was among the other professional photos from the day. I have to wonder if the photographer was thinking on some level that I was the "godmother" rather than the godmother. I do love this photo of Ben and me though.

Here is one of the professional shots of Ben and his actual parents. They look amazing too.

I am supremely excited for Ben's baptism on October 2nd, though I will be spending some quality time with the Hoertzes (and this smiling face that was in my e-mail inbox this morning!) later this month.

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jane said...

Ben is so adorable. Brian and I both love that first picture.