Wednesday, July 27, 2011


There has been much excitement in The Danger Zone recently, and we have been able to enjoy many yummy vegetables and spices. Above Farmer/Chef David is cutting some oregano for our dinner yesterday. And so, though it has not been very is another picture update:

Our corn is growing really tall! I am the scale bar of sorts in this photo, and I am 5'8". It is pretty much as tall as me now! The sunflowers are also growing taller - they up to my waist now.

A closer view of the corn.

We covered the split stem of the most healthy squash plant with more soil, and that plant has recovered beautifully. Perhaps we will have to try this with some of the others. The leaves are much healthier, and we are even beginning to see signs of little squashes growing.

HELLO GREAT PUMPKIN! Our pumpkin plants are growing out of control, and here is our first developing pumpkin. I have named it Linus.

Watch out squash row...the pumpkins are invading.

Our first pickling cucumber! It has just a few more days to grow and then it will be ready to pick, as these do not get very big.

The cucumbers are flourishing in general. Here is a shot of the pickling cucumbers taking over their trellis. (The regular cucumbers are also doing very well.)

These peas are peas from the heavens! They are so sweet and delicious. Avid fans of The Danger Zone may recall that last year our peas were pillaged by scavengers of the air and land variety (birds/rabbits) before we could get any harvest from them. This year our marigolds seem to have protected the peas, as we have already picked one batch and will probably pick another later this week.

Our Chinese eggplant plant would like to hang on. It really would. But those pesky black bugs just won't let up! You can see them on the leaves in this photo. I am not sure if it will be able to overcome these critters, even though we regularly spray it with the pesticide.

Green beans! These have a while to go before we can pick them, but after a lazy start they are finally coming in.

Our cherry tomatoes are starting to come in...

...and our larger tomatoes are getting even larger.

And last for this update (but certainly not least), our cute little pepper buds are now full-fledged peppers, though I hope some of them turn red so I can eat them. (I find green peppers to be disgusting, though I used to find carrots disgusting until I ate one grown in our garden, so maybe I will come around.)

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