Monday, May 23, 2011

Trip to MA #1 - Boston Pops with Elliot

Over the eight weeks of May and June, I have four scheduled visits to the state of Massachusetts! It would be ridiculous, except I happen to love both the state of Massachusetts and the people that reside in it, and welcome any (and every) opportunity to visit.

My first trip was a trip to Boston with Elliot. He had never been to Boston, and I was very happy to show him around my favorite city. We booked our trip around seeing Linda Eder sing the Judy Garland songbook with the Boston Pops. (Side note for all of my friends in Boston: we discovered when buying these tickets that the Pops offer $25 best seat available tickets to anyone that is under 40!! This is too good of a deal to pass up, and I plan to see the Pops again during at least one more of my visits this summer.) We were obsessed with Linda Eder when we were little, and I was particularly obsessed her version of this song. The concert did not disappoint. The first act was the Pops performing modern classics (including a SOUND OF MUSIC SING-A-LONG!!!) and the second act was Linda and the Pops. Linda was even more amazing live than I have ever seen her on video. I swear that woman does not need to breathe while singing! The only funny thing about her performance was her shyness, which manifested itself between songs. It was a strange contrast to hear her amazing singing voice fill the room over an entire orchestra, only to then struggle to hear her speaking voice as she mumbled with her head down between songs.

After the concert, we got dressed up and went out on the town. This photo was taken as I put on what I was calling Elliot's "Screech Powers" sunglasses and acted like a diva. ("Sarah, go 'head girl...")

The next day, we put our weekend T pass to good use and went all around the town sightseeing and eating. We kicked the day off by meeting Anna and Jen for pizza at The Upper Crust. It was so nice to see both of them, though we missed Kim! :) The photo above was taken at The Salty Dog Cafe after consuming massive quantities of fried clams. We were happy people! (Those clams are so delicious.) We also had thai food at Brown Sugar Cafe, clam chowder at Legal Seafoods, and ice cream at JP Licks.

Trip #2 to MA will happen this weekend, when we head to Westborough to see Brian and Jane. I am heading into this trip with a bit of guilt, because I made a crazy list of demands for Brian and Jane to carry out upon our arrival (I was kidding about everything except Brian making tacos). Regardless of whether they meet all of my demands, I am really looking forward to visiting them. It seems like it has been forever since we saw them last over Christmas break.

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jane said...

We are super excited for your visit and your demands were not crazy!