Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Benjamin Michael Hoertz

I just returned from visiting the Hoertzes, and Amanda and Paul really have an adorable baby son. I am so excited that I am Ben's godmother.

Look at that face! What a heartbreaker in the making.

Lovely Amanda with Ben on the couch. I am very glad she let me take this picture, because photos have been limited to only her "camera ready" moments so far. (I can relate though - I do not encourage photos of me when I am not "camera ready" either.)

Amanda, Paul, and Ben. I think this photo would make a very cute Christmas card. (Amanda and Paul did have a professional photographer come to take photos of them with Ben, so I am sure the photographer did a better job!)

Be on the lookouts for updates about this cute fella as we anticipate this summer's christening event!


Wenyu said...

Nice pic of the family! The baby looks adorable! I heard that you are good at changing diapers now:)

jane said...

He looks adorable! Congrats to Amanda and Paul.