Monday, September 13, 2010

A nice fall weekend

Fall is such a wonderful time of year in Ithaca, and I am loving our "no travel" pact after this weekend because it was really relaxing to be at home and do things around the apartment.

On Saturday, I helped David brew a pumpkin beer for the first time. Usually, I am only mildly interested in helping David brew because he tends to brew beers that are very hoppy in flavor (yuck) and very high in alcohol content (not so good for a lightweight like me). In other words, he usually chooses beer I am not interested in drinking. I was very excited that he chose a beer that I love this time around! It smelled a lot like pumpkin when we took it out of the pot, so hopefully it will not turn out to be one of those pumpkin beers that is flavored with mostly pumpkin pie spices and not much pumpkin. It should be ready right around Halloween, and I am very excited to try it.

I love shopping at Target, and this past weekend was no exception. Though we went there to buy gifts for Amanda and Paul, I left with a gift for myself too! These slippers are super cute, and even more importantly, they are super warm too. I love them. Yesterday while being silly with David, I named them Melvin and Marvin.

On Sunday we watched FOOTBALL at BUFFALO WILD WINGS! Both games had a happy ending because the Dolphins and the Steelers won, though both games were a little stressful to watch (especially at the end). After the games, we made crab and chili ravioli for dinner and watched the season finales of True Blood and Entourage. Dinner was delicious. Below is a picture of David making the ravioli.
I am looking forward to more weekends in Ithaca this fall! Come visit us :)

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David said...

I knew one of your slippers was named Marvin, pretty sure the other had a different "M" name though. Monkey, Master, Mascot, something...