Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'Tis the time to be stressed

Happy 2010!

The truth is, I do not have much to write about that doesn't involve describing in painful detail how totally stressed out I am as I write and finish my thesis. However, here is a short list of things that are on my mind that do not involve science in any way:

1. They are coming out with an electric Snuggie, and I totally want one. Electric blanket + Snuggie = TV watching heaven.

2. I got the new Kingdom Hearts game for Nintendo DS, Kingdom Hearts 358/2. It is FANTASTIC. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. Right now I am relieving my stress by killing Heartless in Agrabah (and I'll probably have to fight Jafar at some point soon).

3. I am most definitively on Team Conan.

4. American Idol is starting up again, but I am more excited by the possibility of Simon and Paula reuniting on The X-Factor in 2011.

5. Only 5 weeks until my trip to San Francisco!

Until soon...back to writing about electrons and proteins and (boring) stuff like that.

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Jen LaPierre said...

Good luck with your thesis writing! I can only imagine how stressful that could get, but I know it will turn out great!