Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Haul out the holly...

The holidays are HERE! David and I are exchanging gifts tonight, and I am very excited. (I tried to get him to exchange yesterday, but I was rejected.)

I have been traveling so much this holiday season, and it doesn't show signs of stopping until the New Year! In the beginning of December, we went to Ken and Carol's house for an early Christmas celebration with Ken, Carol, Jane, Brian, and Scott. It was really fun! Carol puts together a beautiful, themed holiday party for Ken's office staff each year, and this year she put us to work making gingerbread houses! It was a little stressful for me because I am not a crafty person, but I did end up enjoying myself while helping her.


Carol's house - what a standard to live up to! She could make these professionally.


My house - honestly, I think my "cracker house" is appropriately named because you would probably find it in the trailer park of gingerbread houses, but I am completely in love with the little doughnut snowman I made to go beside it.


Jane's "candy cane house" - so cute!


This log cabin house, decorated by Brian and David, is my favorite. I particularly like how they told a story with their family of Teddy Grahams.

Our Kelly/Bennett/Hokanson family portrait.


Jane and Brian got everyone (except for David, who is freakishly warm) Snuggies this year for Christmas, and I am quite glad that they did; it is my new favorite blanket, though I do always seem to trip over myself when I get up from the couch and forget just how long the Snuggie is!

The week after that, I went to see Kristen in Chicago. We had such a great time, we forgot to take pictures! We did tons of fun things in the city, including ice skating at Millenium Park, brunch at Yolk, dinner at the original Pizzeria Unos (all chain Unos have officially been ruined for me forever, because there is just no comparison), and going to see The Santaland Diaries. I can't wait to see her soon over break, and to go back to Chicago again in the spring/summertime.

Wishing you all safe travels as you make your way to your families this Christmas season! We will be in Butler visiting the Chobots from December 23 - 28, and visiting the Hokansons in Orlando from December 28 - Jan. 1.

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