Thursday, October 22, 2009

A short post to honor the things I love this week!

1. Moving more stuff up to Ithaca. There may be piles and piles of my stuff all over the apartment that I have to find a home for...but their home will be somewhere HERE.

2. Being off the lease at Osage Avenue. The only person stealing my pie from now on will be David, and I married him.

3. Glee. I LOVE Glee. I love everything about it, especially the musical numbers...though I must also say, Matthew Morrison is the new Patrick Dempsey. It kind of makes me wish that we would have burst into song throughout the hallways of Butler High...oh wait, we kind of did sometimes.

4. Going to Boston this weekend! And going to the hockey game, where BU will undoubtably crush Brian's Michigan. Go Terriers!

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