Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love that dirty water / Oh, oh Boston you're my home

Memorial Day weekend was a whirlwind of travel and adventure as David and I hit the road to New England for Anna's wedding. And so, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Londonderry, NH...

The lovely bride and groom, Anna and Garrett Yurza Warfield!

Anna's shoes (as always) were awesome :)

On Saturday, we stopped in Westborough to hang out with Brian and Jane, and Jane fulfilled her duties as best man by helping David pick these shoes out to go with his tuxedo. David decided to start breaking them in by wearing them around the apartment on Monday evening. I think the funniest part of seeing him break in the shoes was that he made sure to put dress socks on first.

We were pleasantly greeted by a lobster sale at TOPS for $5.99/lb upon our return to Ithaca on Monday! What better way to end a trip to New England than to have lobster for dinner? We bought three and had ourselves a feast.
These are our lobsters before we cooked them...

Here is David, enjoying his lobster.

The lobster shells were the thickest I have ever seen! Despite the fact that we were armed with the awesome new lobster crackers that Victoria bought me as a shower gift, they were almost no match for these seemingly indestructible creatures. David actually had to hammer one of the lobster's claws in order to free the meat!

As always, being back in the Boston area among friends and familiar places continues to remind me of my desire to return there someday and have a home of my own. Until then, I will have to settle for returning there in a week or so for the Gordon Research Conference on Molecular and Cellular Bioenergetics, which will be held at Proctor Academy in Andover, NH.

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