Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here comes the bride!

I promised myself when I got engaged that I would limit the number of blog posts about the wedding. Something about talking about getting married all the time didn't jive with the portion of my personality that made a $100 bet with my dad that I wouldn't get married before I was 30. (Yes, Dad, I am aware I have to pay you before we walk down the aisle in June...) However, I am getting so excited!! The wedding is SO soon!

This sunk in during my bridal shower. I have been to so many showers over the years, and so it was almost surreal when I walked into mine on Saturday. It really is MY turn to be doing all of this!
I am grateful to everyone for such a wonderful shower. I got some serious swag (thank you all!), but the best part was really that the shower was so small that I could actually spend time talking with everyone there.

One funny thing that happened during the shower was my Aunt LuAnn gave me a beautiful cake pan that had a personalized lid with "From the kitchen of Sarah Hokanson" engraved on it. Now I own something with my new name on it! It was so strange at first to see it in print! I have jokingly referred to myself as "Mrs. Hokanson" before, but now I really WILL be. I think it will take some getting used to, particularly because my first name has really been various versions of Chobot for so many years. (Yes, post-wedding I will still answer to the following: Chobo, Chobo da ho, Chobotron, Chobotski, Chochobo.)

(Also, while I'm on the subject, the following names are unacceptable nicknames post-wedding: Hokie, Hoko, Hokabo, Hokanbot.)

I also got fitted for my dress yesterday after all of the alterations were made, and it fits PERFECTLY. It is kind of magical how seamstresses can do that. I had heard this myth that after the measurements were taken and the pins were placed, everything would fit like a glove (and this was the case for all of my friends too), but I was skeptical until I put the dress on and saw it for myself. I actually pull this whole bride persona off quite well! :)

Only 53 days to go!

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