Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy summer!

Happy first day of summer! For the first time in my entire life, I could do without the summer heat! It is tough to be pregnant when it is hot outside, and I eat a lot of popsicles for my own survival. Though it is hard to believe how fast the weeks have gone by, I am now 32 1/2 weeks pregnant! The twins are doing really well, and we are currently scheduled to meet them on July 27. (Unless they have a different birthday in mind...but I hope they can be patient.)

Finn and Erik are both about 4 pounds each now, and they are beginning to tire me out. Today marks my first day of working from home, and though over the past few weeks I was feeling really stressed out about finishing experiments and being away from the laboratory, I am now embracing the comfort of my couch and pajamas and air conditioning!

Sadly, we decided not to garden this year - not only were the preparations too much work for David to complete by himself, but the upkeep would have been challenging given the mid-summer arrival of the twins. However, preparations for the nursery are in full swing, and our apartment and car are now ready for little ones. Since I would normally show photos of us preparing The Danger Zone around this time, here are some photos of our nursery preparations instead.

Ipita was convinced that my parents bought this Pooh Pack N Play as a house for him, and was quite frustrated to discover that he was not allowed to jump inside whenever he wanted to.

David had a lot of fun drinking beer and putting together the cribs...

...which look like this when put together with our cute Winnie-the-Pooh nursery materials!

David and I (but mostly David) have been testing out our new baby gear by using stuffed animals as stand-ins for the twins. Here is Pooh in the car seat...

...with a bear friend in the double stroller...

...and taking a ride in David's baby carrier.

Here is Kermit getting ready for a ride in one of our single strollers. I am very excited to have two of these single strollers because I can actually lift them.

We are beyond excited to meet our two little ones! I cannot wait until July 27 (but I will...and you should too, Finn and Erik)!

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