Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ipita's trip to the farm

Recently, David became obsessed with the idea of bringing Ipita to our garden plot. After giving Ipita doses of flea medication as a preventative measure, we loaded him up in the car along with our garden supplies and took him on a field trip.

Ipita seemed to really enjoy his farm visit. He especially liked...

...exploring the tall weeds that are growing around our garden rows

...running in between plants

...checking up on what David was up to

...staring out at the other garden plots from behind our garden fence, guard-cat style

On the car ride to the garden, Ipita was pretty stressed out (he probably suspected he was on his way to the vet), but on the car ride home, he was content to curl up at David's feet. Based upon the success of this field trip, David has decided he is now going to take Ipita to the garden every time he goes to the garden. (I think this is excessive, but also realize this will happen regardless of my input.) And so...Ipita is now both our house (apartment) cat and our farm cat. Look for him in future farm updates!

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