Friday, June 3, 2011

Trip to MA #2 - visiting Brian and Jane

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to see Brian and Jane at their home in Westborough, MA. It was a really nice visit. Originally, Brian and Jane were supposed to come to Ithaca, but it ended up being much less complicated for us to go visit them. As a joke, I began composing a list of "demands" that would need to be met for us to come visit while David was on the phone with Jane: dinner at PF Changs, an Easter egg hunt (David made an Easter egg hunt when Jane and Brian came to visit us for Easter the year before), Brian making us a taco dinner (he makes homemade taco shells that are very delicious), and playing a game of Risk (this was David's demand that he added to the end of my list). I am happy to report that Brian and Jane met all of my diva demands and then some, and we had a fantastic visit. (I will note that we would have had a fantastic visit just seeing them, but the demands being met just made it over-the-top crazy fun.)

On Saturday morning we had our Memorial Day weekend egg hunt. Jane did such a good job with it! The only eggs left at CVS were incredibly cute - David's were sports-themed, and mine were shaped like animals. Though I am normally completely oblivious to my surroundings, I would like to state for public record that I found all of my eggs before David did! Here is a picture of us with our baskets at the end of the hunt. David is holding skis in this photo because Brian gave David his skis and David was very excited about them.

One thing that I did not demand beforehand but became a daily demand once I arrived in Westborough was going to Dairy Queen. I LOVE DQ. LOVE IT!! I used to go all the time when I lived in Butler, and it is still my favorite place to get ice cream. (Some people might even say I am slightly obsessed. My dad once asked if I come to Butler to see him, or to get a M&M Blizzard.) Ithaca does not have a DQ, and so whenever I travel to somewhere that has one, I feel compelled to take in as much DQ as I can eat. Jane and Brian live right down the street from a DQ, and we went every night. It was spoonfuls of happiness.

We will see Jane (and maybe Brian) when we visit Ken and Carol in Lenox, MA in two weeks (MA trip #3). We will finally get to see Ken and Carol's new house, and we will attend Kate and Chris's wedding at Mount Holyoke College. It will be a fun, but busy trip!

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jane said...

We loved having you! Thanks for coming.