Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Down on the "farm"

Our trips to the Danger Zone are finally paying off - we have real sprouts blooming! We have put a huge amount of work into our little farm plot, so it is nice to see some results. Above is an overview shot of the whole garden. Last weekend we added black fabric to our trenches to limit weed growth in those areas. Here are updates on our crops:


Collard greens


Sweet peas - David installed more hazard fencing to serve as a trellice!


Swiss chard


Farmer David picking some herbs

We are pretty thrilled by our progress, though it is a little difficult not to feel inferior when we look at Farmer John's garden (our neighbor and nemesis)! Shown above are his beautiful spinach and collard green plants.

Just as a comparison, above is our tomato plant, located in our herb garden.

This is Farmer John's tomato plant. It is twice as tall! (I wonder what Farmer John would think if he knew we were monitoring his garden. I guess it's a good thing he doesn't know that we are stalking his plants when he is not around, because it would probably freak him out even more than our hazard fencing probably already does.) Still, I think we are doing pretty well for not knowing exactly what we are doing. Our latest challenge is keeping the bugs from eating our yummy plants, as many of our leaves (as shown in the photos above) have been nibbled on.

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