Monday, May 24, 2010

Our garden

It has been a hectic few weeks in the Hokanson household! One of the things that has been keeping David and me busy is the garden plot that we rented from Cornell for the season. (In fact, we will be weeding and watering it tonight after work!)

Here in this picture you can see our garden in the distance. You might be asking yourself, "But Sarah, there are several plots in this photo - how can I tell which plot is yours?" Why, it's the one blocked off with BRIGHT ORANGE HAZARD FENCING to keep the deer away. (Hey, it was SO much cheaper than the classy deer fencing used by everyone else.) I almost want to apologize to our garden neighbors for being next to them, and yet...I can't, because I secretly love the hazard fencing at the same time. And so, based on the fact that our garden is loud, proud, and we have no idea what the hell we are doing, we have appropriately named it the DANGER ZONE (sung to the tune of the Kenny Loggins song used repeatedly on the show Archer).

This photo depicts the garden directly next to ours, which is rented by a friendly farmer named John. We modeled our garden after this one because it seemed like John was pretty hardcore.

A closer look at the DANGER ZONE, next to John's peaceful garden of tranquility and farming excellence.

Here are our rows of seeds, modeled after John's. We planted two rows of flowers and many rows of vegetables, including cucumbers, collard greens, spinach, swiss chard, and sweet peas.

Here you can see the entire garden. The mounds towards the front of the photo are where our cantaloupe plants are planted. We also planted our herb plants from the wine and herb fest in the front left.

We are super excited to hopefully get some herbs and veggies to cook with this summer (IF anything grows, that is). Stay tuned for future updates as our plants begin to come in.

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