Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Wishing all of you a happy belated Easter, and hello - it's been awhile. I find that blogging for Science Cheerleader has been keeping me pretty busy these days, so I have had less time for blogging about the fun goings on of spring!

What you have missed while I've been away:

1. Elliot Roth is a rock star. His masters recital was better than half the concerts I've seen over the years. I continue to be amazed that he is one of my best friends. His original jazz composition was the best song of the night, and I can't wait until I can buy his first album.

2. I can drink Coke again...except...I don't want it quite as much as I did prior to Easter. After all those cravings! It turns out that I think I only wanted it because I was restricting myself. This feeling of indifference has not stopped me from having two cans and a Coke Icee, however!

3. Brian and Jane came to visit, and it was lovely. We had adventures all over Ithaca during Easter weekend, including an Easter egg hunt and wine tasting. (I will post some pictures once Jane posts some pictures...I have stopped taking pictures in her company because she is so much better at it than I will ever be!!)

Until soon :)

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