Friday, February 6, 2009

Hooray for Friday!

Even when the work week hasn't been so terrible, it still feels really nice when Friday rolls around. I am in a good mood today because 1) my lab work load is not horribly demanding today 2) my parents arrive in town in around 10 hours or so 3) I got accepted to the Gordon Research Conference in NH, which means I now have two trips to the Boston area in early summer 4) I remembered to bring a can of Vanilla Coke Zero into work today, so I have (fake) sugary goodness to enjoy at lunchtime (or in a few minutes).

And reason #5 for my excellent spirit (and the best reason of all) is that I have officially graduated from physical therapy! My last session is next Wednesday morning! Though I was initially extremely depressed and angry about my injury, in the end, physical therapy really has helped me and I am almost back to normal. It has also turned out to be useful -- I now know how to lift things without putting such a strain on my back, and I can also keep doing a lot of the stretches and exercises I learned at therapy (which have been very effective). I feel a lot stronger/healthier than before I was injured, so maybe in hindsight the injury was a good thing. I am really motivated to keep making progress, so I will probably get into pretty good shape this spring after all.

Ironically, since so many of my stretches require me to hold myself up, my arms are actually beefing up! My complete lack of arm muscle has been replaced with a tiny amount of muscle development that freaks David out (because it is so small and therefore, further evidence that I really did not have any amount of muscle there to begin with).

I have been so consumed with my own life lately that I have not been using this post to talk about the great things going on for my wonderful friends and family! And since they are awesome...wonderful things are always going on. And that isn't all about me:

1. Kristen got accepted (without an interview!) to Northwestern PT school, and she will start in the fall. Hooray! I am so happy for her, particularly because she will get to try living somewhere other than Pittsburgh for awhile. She is going to make a great physical therapist, and at the rate I'm going, she'll have her own living subject to practice with on breaks from school!

2. Elliot is putting on his own Off-Off Broadway show about life as a mid-twentysomething, and I am incredibly proud of him. He and his roommate Jenn wrote the script, and of course Elliot tackled all the music and song lyrics (and let me tell you, these songs are catchy in a good way). Check out for more details.

3. Victoria got promoted at Proctor and Gamble, and it is well-deserved. She is a rock-star, and I have no doubt she'll be at the top of her Swiffer division in no time. Though if she switched to packaging Febreeze candles, I wouldn't complain... :-D

4. My sister got a promotion at Red Lobster, and she is now a Grill Master. I think this title is incredibly cool. It makes me want to be the master of something at my job...until I say things out loud like "BioGel Master" or "Chromatophore Master" and realize that they are far too dorky to ever be as cool as Jenn's title. She is doing very well in school so far, and seems to really be enjoying her new hospitality management path. ( I am still waiting for my free cheesy biscuits!!!)

Wishing all of you a pleasant Friday full of reasons to be in a good mood.

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